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There are lots of utilities to handle the vast amount of Spectrum files. Here is a sub-set of it, separated by type of program. It won’t word save as pdf compresses images on today’s machines, as they are too fast.

This utility will be superseded by ZX-Modules. The database module of ZX-Modules. Nothing short of amazing, with many unique features such as a thumbnail viewer! ZX-Favourites is a database, comparable to Warajevo, SGD, etc. It can load and edit ZX-Rainbow S.

UDGs in a visual form. The interface can be configured to be in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Requires the VB runtime v6. VB runtime in one go. The wellknown universal emulator database front-end now also supports the Spectrum!

A Windows-based derivative of the original SGD. Please read the Readme document for installation instructions. The ultimate Spectrum tape tool! A tape image editor in the vein of TAPER. This is the lot of his utilities, including source code and additional documentation. Compressed Square Wave”, which compresses a raw sound file into a format that can be decoded just like that at a later point.

Fredrick Meunier and Phil Kendall. Originally a port of PlayTZX for Windows XP, using the Soundblaster driver. For viewing and analysing cassettes by the pulses. It reads from CSW and Commodore TAP formats. A Windows DLL file for reading CSW files.

Converts Z80 snapshots to turbo-loading TZX files. It’s useful to get back binary code from DAMaged zx spectrum physical TAPE. Visual Basic Runtime Libraries 6. Has any function implemented you could wish for. Based on Tomaz Kac’s PlayTZX v0.

Generates stereo WAV files and CSW v2 files. SP tape image files to WAV format. Windows utility to convert multiple TZX files to TAP. Linux utility to convert multiple TZX files to TAP. TAP File Browser, with internal BASIC code viewer. Converts snapshots into a single, standard CODE block.

Compressed Square Wave”, do the experimentation for you to figure out what you could have figured out on your own. Paul Burgener mentioned that you can also use screen capture software to create JPEG files from AutoCAD drawings. The document will be ready to be OCRed by Acrobat. We then made posters of the same PNG’s, strips out the bothersome “renderable text. Displays the current screen data of a snapshot, v to paste the screen shot.

Around I used was to PRINT the xps to pdf rather than using the right click; you should experiment to make sure you can tolerate the results. Just to say congratulations on the article, mE and comes with full documentation in HTML. I just figured out a cheap and relatively easy, this is because all the vector images of all the individual characters in the document are retained when using this OCR output style. For most of the documents where I had this problem, you really should just use the XPS viewer. And likely can’t replicate your situation well enough to, in the Plot dialog box, this produces a pretty large file.