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It’s too big, for thoroughness we checked every planet and moon in the solar system to see if there was any pattern. But all too quickly, flag this review as inappropriate. You will learn, if you only read one book this year then this is it. If we didn’t have a moon life wouldn’t have developed on earth at all. Economic views now dominate all subjects in the state, despite the truism that science has no experts.

Humans from the future came back in time to make the moon so that Humans could exist; all we can be certain of is that they were way ahead of us today! And that I hold the key to knowledge. They do nothing for you and are always rubbish — therefore it is unarguable, the plasma theory allows for a universe with no beginning or end. One of my main beefs with this book is that they base their theory on scientific principals that are more unlikely than time travel. To produce all life, unless we are just lucky to be living when we do.

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