Visual basic 6.0 database tutorial pdf

STRING database is a useful tool for studying protein-protein interactions. It can collect and integrate protein association data visual basic 6.0 database tutorial pdf many organisms. Data about both known and predicted protein-protein interactions can be obtained.

STRING database can help in elucidating the Human Interactome. Protein-protein interaction is a common physiological mechanism for protection and actions of proteins in an organism. The identification and characterization of protein-protein interactions in different organisms is necessary to better understand their physiology and to determine their efficacy. 43 proteins that interact with histatin 1. Six previously documented interactors were confirmed and 37 novel partners were identified. In this tutorial, we aimed to demonstrate the usefulness of the STRING database for studying protein-protein interactions.

1 protein-protein network, including both the previously known and the predicted interactors, along with our newly identified interactors. Our findings also indicate that bioinformatics tools such as the STRING protein network database can help predict potential interactions between proteins and thus serve as a guide for future steps in our exploration of the Human Interactome. Our study highlights the usefulness of the STRING protein database for studying protein-protein interactions. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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