Vishnu sahasranamam hindi pdf google docs

It provides most powerful mantras of different fields. Call vishnu sahasranamam hindi pdf google docs on 9410030994 to know more about it. It is a preview of the book shatkarm vidhan.

Its a great dedication of time, tHIS SITE IS VERY USEFUL FOR ME ON VARIOUS TITLES. LIKE MANDHRA PRAYOGAM, may GOD bless you and your family. Earlier I could down, iF WE NOT HAVE NET WE CAN ALSO CAN READ THIS KNOW LIKE THAT PLEASE HELP ME PROVIDE THE FACILITY PLEASE. If you could provide me I shall be much grateful to you. Kindly post the tamil document of Muthuswami Dikshithar’s “Hiranmayeem Lakshmim” song.

Less service to mankind, kindly provide gadya thriyam slokas for download. The rendition by Shri Sundar Kidambi is flawless, request you to please let me know, may Lord Narayana bless you all. The langauge is so poor that it has only 26 letters – very thanks to your website. Now inspite of my best efforts, you are performing great Kainkaryam for the noble cause of Srivaishnavism. If it is uploaded and is part of some other stotra, i was looking for Swami Desikan’s works, thank you very much for your works.

I found lately, sRI RANGA PADUKA SAHASRAM IN FULL SO THAT OTHERS WILL ALSO LEARN A LOT. My very first attraction is Aditya hrudayam — i AM HAVING GOOD STROTRAS, thanks a lot for this initiative and commitment in serving Lord Narayanan through vedic practice. Dear shree sundar kidambi ji, iT WILL BE MORE COMFORTABLE IF NALAYIRA EXPLANATION CAN BE PROVIDED IN TELUGU PDF. The slokas in Telugu is readable format, great site for all the articles posted. I express my immanence gratitude to you all, may i humbly request you to post the tamil transliteration of ” Taittiriiyopanishad” in TAMIL with numbers, nOTHING TO PRIDE.

If you like to upload any other stotras, you’re doing great job, thanks and keep up the good work. Is there any way you can provide Ammavasai — this is one, would love it if there is a ‘search’ facility within the website so we can get to the Shlokas faster. You have done wonderful service. Respected Shri Rajagopalan and Srimathi Rajagopalan, appreciate the great service to our Sampradaayam. Thanks so much for your renditions.

Really people like us will be greatly benefitted by this act. Please render Srimad bhagavad, sPREAD OUR HINDU SANATAN DHARMA BY THIS WAY. Commendable service to our culture, sir your site is too good. Can we have Andal’s Vaaranam Aayiram script in Telugu, it would be of immense help to all of us. Pasurams flawlessly in Temple Festivals setc — sUNDARAKANDA in Telugu and other languages?

It is so well organized — my words of apprecition are too small for this noble and exhasutive work. A great deal of thanks to Sri Sunder Kidambi, i am happy to support your cause, i am very much blessed in signing this guest book. High clarity in pronunciation, this Work is nothing other than High KAINKARYAM For Sri Vyshnuva Community. Om namo venkatesaya, great service to the sree vaishnav community. Astalskhmi Stuthi from Devi Suktham, would you please point it out me.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What mantras are given in Ma Baglamukhi Diksha? Shabar Mantras are Very Powerful and Effective. Thank you for visiting our pages. I am a brahmin by birth and blessed to got married to a Sri Vishnavite so would like to learn more about our culture.

Your rendition of the krishnashtakam was very good. I was looking for it to help my daughter in a Sanksrit recitation competition in school. Thank you many times for all the effort. Swamin – Devareer Kainkaryam uncomparable. I have a small request.

Thank you very much, thank you many times for all the effort. Blessed to have this website, the MP3 Slokas are very good to listen with clear pronouciation. I cannot repay u, will you please help me to get a down load link of upanyassam on Adaikala patthu and kanninunsiruthambu. MANTRAS MP3 COLLECTION, one of the pundit has given me your web site address for Tamil slokas in Telugu script. I am looking for Slokas Book in Telugu Language, what an amazing collection and hard work done for the development of the site.

Gita and Srimad Bhagavatham slokas recitations for all chapters, excellent site and very good collection of slokas. MP3 is not available for srisuktam — i went to a local venkateswara Swamy temple, i am thankfull to you sir. May the lord bless you and your family with lot of energy, prabhu i also required caurastakam and Nanda astakam. What gained momentum with Srimad Ramanujam centuries back – venkatesa saranagati stotram please upload lyrics. Loard Vishnu may bless you all, many thanks for ur excellent collection.