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Research links artists with high unemployment, low incomes and mental disorders. Despite strong adversities the artistic labor virginia woolf on being ill pdf attracts many young people. We show a significantly higher job satisfaction of artists than other occupations.

The increased job satisfaction is not driven by differences in personality. Procedural work aspects are identified as channels of artists’ satisfaction. Many artists are prone to high unemployment and low incomes suggesting low job satisfaction. Our analysis including 49 countries paints a different picture.

On average artists enjoy higher job satisfaction than other employees, mainly due to more autonomy. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Objective: To show that children born to mothers who used drugs during pregnancy were at a higher risk of subsequent abuse or neglect than were children from the general population. Methodology: This is a retrospective-prospective study of abuse experiences of children born at an urban medical center between January 1985 and December 1990 to women who used illicit drugs during pregnancy. Children exposed in-utero to drugs were identified using results of toxicology screens from birth and maternal records. Evidence of abuse was obtained from the State Central Registry of Abuse and Neglect. The registry contained information on all reported abuses or neglects, the types, findings, and outcomes of the investigations of reported cases.

The outcome measure was whether the children had been abused or not during the study period. 84 abuse and neglect cases per 1,000 years of exposure. The yearly substantiated abuse rates varied, the lowest being 30 cases per 1,000 years of exposure in 1986 and the highest 107 cases per 1,000 in 1987. This rate was two to three times that of children living in the same geographic area in the south side of Chicago. Neglect was reported in 72. On logistic regression analysis, the risk of abuse of children increased 1.

80-fold among women with previous planned abortion, after controlling for confounding variables. Other sociodemographic variables of the child or mother did not significantly increase the odds of abuse. Conclusion: Infants exposed in-utero to drugs have a higher than expected risk of subsequent abuse compared to children in the general population. French abstract not available at time of publication. Registro Central Estatal de Maltrato y Negligencia. El registro contenía información acerca de todos los casos notificados de maltrato o negligencia, y los tipos, hallazgos y resultados de las investigaciones de dichas notificaciones.

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