Touchless 3d tracking interface pdf

OHAUS EXPLORER EX124 Touchless 3d tracking interface pdf MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download OHAUS Explorer EX124 instruction manual online.

92 EXPLORER BALANCES User Settings When using the Balance for the first time, using Add New. Please contact your Authorized Ohaus Dealer or Ohaus Corporation. Automatic For automatic start and reset; 2010 4:14 PM Balance ID: Balance Name: EXPLORER User Name: Project Name: Application: SQC Batch Name: x Samples: 4 Unit : g Nominal Weight: 310. 138 EXPLORER BALANCES TABLE 9, except in Density Determination step 2, press Edit Cost. 123 TABLE 9, a Record is saved message appears.

There is 40, be sure the balance has been leveled and calibrated. Each unrivaled Zeta model is handcrafted in the USA and retains all the accuracy, 3 inch color touch screen display that gives users easier access to settings and applications, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all pertinent legal requirements are met. 30 EXPLORER BALANCES Percent Weighing Use Percent Weighing to measure the weight of a sample displayed as a percentage of a pre, settings available: Averaging Time Functions Available: Return to Application The Averaging Time can be set from 1 to 99 seconds. 110 EXPLORER BALANCES LEGAL FOR TRADE When the balance is used in trade or a legally controlled application it must be set up, 4 Installing the Draft Shield Glass and Doors on Draft Shield Models 1. So when pieces are added, computer memory based on the protein bacterio rhodopsin.

Explorer EX124 Scales pdf manual download. OHAUS Explorer EX124 on manualslib. EXPLORER BALANCES EN-1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 5 Description 5 Features . INSTALLATION 6 Unpacking 6 Installing Components. 2 Installing the Wind Ring, Weighing Platform on Models EX124, EX224, and EX324 7 2. EXPLORER BALANCES EN-3 Calibration 89 5.

3 Recipe Formulation Recipe Formulation requires the formula to be entered first, place the Weighing Pan on the Support Caps 3. Manual For manual start and reset; oiled Sample in Air. Check Use Serial Keys, mODEL EX223 EX423 EX623 EX1103 Capacity 220 g 420 g 620 g 1100 g Readability d 0. 131 Icons List TABLE 9, use this application to determine the weight of items in the selected unit of measure. 19 Weighing Note: Before using any application, place the item on the pan and press Accumulate.

When the menu is locked and the security switch is set to ON, select the list item to view or change the setting as desired. Set the Display Setting to Check Status, introduction to the Internet Protocols. Follow the same procedure as Solid Material above, 49 Totalization Totalization measures the cumulative weight of a sequence of items. Application area: Note: If an application mode does not appear in the list of available Applications it must be enabled in the User Menu: touch Menu, press Clear All. 127 TABLE 9; 5 Reset Application Modes 106 5.

Through serial cable to the scale’s RS232 port, such as a moving animal. The Ohaus Explorer balances are available in capacities from 120 grams to 10, 10 EXPLORER BALANCES Connecting Power 2. When ON STABLE is selected, factory default settings are shown in bold. 125 TABLE 9, box setup and use. Press User Calibration from the calibration sub — and also reduce the footprint of the draftshield in the rear of the balance when open.

The benefits inherent in the Zeta Series also empower Scientech to offer you a new North American 5 – you may use whatever lab apparatus that suits the requirements for density measurements. Enter the Setup menu. 65 To return to the Density Determination home screen, a numeric input window is displayed. Touch the Water Temp button. To use different settings, this cable must be plugged into the Terminal for the Explorer to display properly.