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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Miami Edison, is a low-income inner-city school. Almost ninety thomas edison for kids pdf ago, Miami Edison Senior High School had its humble beginnings in a small palmetto-thatched hut inhabited by spiders, beetles, ten pupils and one teacher. After this tropical edifice burned to the ground in 1895, the activities were moved twice, finally being established in a rickety four-room structure in 1897.

During the brief tenure of Principal Ernest Roller, only the common subjects and agriculture were taught. This organization became the oldest PTA of service in Dade County when the name was changed in 1918. In 1915 after the destruction of the old building by a violent windstorm, the long-cherished dream of Dr. Webb, trustees, was realized as Dade County Agricultural High School came into existence.

Mainly through their efforts, a land grant was secured and the new building erected. Alleshouse became principal in 1917, and was succeeded in 1920 by W. Even in these years of instability, the school continued to grow, as two wings were added in 1922 and five years later the first cafeteria was installed. Many school organizations came into being at this time to keep pace with the extension of the building. This rapid growth continued as the impetus given to athletics by the employment of the first regular coach brought the clamor for a gymnasium. The School Board proceeded to erect the addition, but due to lack of an architect, the bleachers soon became the victim of the hurricane of 1936. The repaired building remained until the present middle school was constructed on the site.

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