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The current Thermomix recipes us pdf free has a heating element, a motor for fast or slow blending and stirring, and a weighing scale. The 2014 Thermomix TM5 also has a touchscreen with a guided mode which allows the user to follow recipes step by step. The Thermomix was derived from a mixer series from Vorwerk originally called “VKM5”, in 1961. The justification for the development of the heating element comes from the managing director of Vorwerk France, who around 1970 came up with the idea of designing a machine that could simultaneously blend and cook, to make thickened soups and baby food, popular in France.

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France, later in Spain and Italy. The bright orange VM 2200 followed, with the ability to keep dishes hot or cold. The TM3300, the first version named “Thermomix”, was released in 1985, with a white finish and having the mixing bowl lower than the previous model. TM5 incorporates digital technologies, and allows “guided cooking” using proprietary memory chips to provide settings and cooking instructions, and a touch screen instead of the buttons and knobs of previous models. Both factories have been expanded. The Thermomix is sold through direct sales by a sales force of “Thermomix consultants”.

Vorwerk claims the appliance may be used to prepare complete meals with no need for advanced culinary knowledge. Three models continue to be widely used, the TM21, TM31 and TM5. The European machine was first released in a 200Vac model. The TM5 went on sale in North America in 2015. The TM5 is a digital machine.

It has recipe chips, access to an online platform of over 28,000 recipes, and is equipped with guided cooking. The TM31 is a manual machine with push buttons without recipe chips. It can do the same things as the TM5 but the mixing bowl and steamer have a lower capacity. TM 31 with mark 3.

The successor model TM 5 was rated in 2015 with mark 2. There have been numerous accounts of a Thermomix machine “exploding” and scalding people with hot liquids. In October 2014 the model was recalled over claims that hot liquid or food may splash out of the mixing bowl. 87 cases where Thermomix consumers had been burned.

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