The temple of the golden pavilion pdf

Ginkakuji Temple mars 2009 053. Yoshimasa would arrange for this property to become a Zen temple. Despite Yoshimasa’s intention to cover the structure with a distinctive silver-the temple of the golden pavilion pdf overlay, this work was delayed for so long that the plans were never realized before Yoshimasa’s death. The present appearance of the structure is understood to be the same as when Yoshimasa himself last saw it.

Like Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji was originally built to serve as a place of rest and solitude for the Shogun. Having retired to the villa, it is said Yoshimasa sat in the pavilion, contemplating the calm and beauty of the gardens as the Ōnin War worsened and Kyoto was burned to the ground. Buddhist temple complex, renamed Jishō-ji after Yoshimasa’s Buddhist name. After extensive restoration, started February 2008, Ginkaku-ji is again in full glory to visit.

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