The tale of the body thief pdf

Please forward this error screen to md-in-35. Although he tries to the tale of the body thief pdf his victims to murderers, serial killers and other criminals, he nonetheless caves into temptation once in a while and kills an “innocent” or someone who he feels does not necessarily deserve to live.

Lestat has become extremely lonely. Although Lestat has repeatedly offered David the Dark Gift, David has always refused to become a vampire and keep Lestat company through eternity. When he does not die, he goes to David’s home in England to heal. A mysterious figure, Raglan James—the eponymous “Body Thief” of the story—approaches Lestat with what seems to be a cure for his ennui and depression. Eventually, he proposes to Lestat that the two of them trade bodies for a day. Against the advice of other vampires and David Talbot, Lestat jumps at the opportunity. Unfortunately, James has no intention of ever switching back, and Lestat is forced to scheme to regain his body.

He is saved by the care of a nun named Gretchen. Lestat sets out in search of his body. Lestat seeks help from other vampires but is completely ostracized by them. Lestat’s only ally is David Talbot. Drawing from the Talamasca’s resources on the supernatural, Talbot reveals that James was a gifted psychic who once joined the order, but was kicked out for constant theft.

However, he also has major psychological problems, and his life is a series of cycles—he gets rich by theft, then often ends up in prison. Dying of cancer several years before, James tricked the inmate of a mental institution into switching bodies with him, allowing him a type of immortality. It is James’ lack of imagination and petty thievery that allow Talbot and Lestat to track him down. Despite his newfound wealth and powerful new body, James continues to steal jewelry from people. The pattern allows his pursuers to easily find him.

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