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An artist is found dead at his home. A burglar is charged with murder but protests his innocence to Maddy Magellan, a writer with a reputation for clearing miscarriages of justice. After a chance meeting at one of magician Adam Klaus’s shows, Maddy recruits the initially reluctant Jonathan Creek, the actual designer of Adam’s tricks, to provide her with some ideas about how the wife could have reached the scene of the crime, but Creek soon uncovers an even more sinister side to the case. The otherwise empty bunker is locked from the inside, which would suggest that the man shot himself, but he has crippling arthritis in his hands and could barely pour a drink, much less pull a trigger, so how did he actually die? However, when she publishes her autobiography, her cosmetic surgeon and ex-lover is outraged by what she says about him and threatens to sue her.

He is later shot dead at his home. Zola is the first suspect and an earring with her DNA is discovered at the crime scene. But when Maddy investigates, she discovers Zola’s watertight alibi — camcorder footage made by a stalker proves that she was at home when the crime took place. Later, a new wardrobe is delivered to Maddy’s flat.

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After seeing that it is empty she gets it up to her flat only to find Zola’s dead body inside it. A group of boys see her entering his house but then vanishes. When questioned, Roy claims he never actually saw Tracy coming inside, adding that someone knocked him out and handcuffed him to a radiator at the time. Jonathan sets out to find Tracy and discover whether Roy is telling the truth or not, but what connection does Tracy’s disappearance have with the Creed of Eden, an Earth-loving cult that Roy is a member of? Jarvis appears again in series 2. A cancer doctor is found impaled by a sword in his locked study.