The Golden Awards Package After Effects Template

Corporate opener suitable for all companies Show a process evolving over time, change the years, texts, and even colors. So if you need a music theme, check out this wonderful new template. Pimp your logo with some Particles. You don't need to create a new account. With a smooth glittering stars effect to complement the shiny text and soft transitions, the viewer is easily transposed into a state of dreamy enjoyment.

Glad to present to your court an updated collection of music tracks that are used to accompany After Effects projects. Just watch the mesmerising stream of gold particles in this eye-catching award show template.

Award ceremonies, as the name implies, are special events to celebrate stand-out work and achievements. Awards Show by StrokeVorkz.

Show different texts before revealing the logo. It will be more convenient and easier to manage your project, using the Preview generator tool. Stay tuned for our next list!

Ultimate Awards Package is created specifically for customers who need practical, usable elements for a broadcast, or perhaps an in-house awards presentation. You can use this to put together your whole awards ceremony package. These eye-catching, easy-to-customise After Effects templates can help prepare your attendees for a memorable evening. This is just a small list from our huge selection of incredible After Effects templates you could use to promote your event.

Scenic Macro shots combining Typography. Continuing the trend of shimmering, glittery goodness, this template may be one of the most realistic renditions of the gold effect out there. Although all eyes are on the Oscars this season, of course there are plenty of other types of awards out there. Fresh, Exciting Typography. It shows your Logo slowly revealing through the demolished flying cracked glasses and debris.

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Suitable for scientists, science labs, doctors, chemist, biochemist, technology, research and more. Link to the plugin is provided as a text file within the zip file. Pre-rendered particles logo reveal!

We glad to announce you, new bonus campaign is active now! Quite a few usage scenarios there! Smooth Breath-taking Tribute. Ink Ident is the Elegant abstract ink full color logo reveal template suitable for you company logos, youtubes intros, or fashion intros etc.

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Change all colors easily using built in Effects. These drag and drop assets are perfect for sci-fi weapons, magic and power effects, motion graphics and more.

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The day of reckoning is here! Sparkle Christmas Tree Greeting Ho ho, once again!

Bonus points for its ease of editing. It comes with a range of elegant effects made with notes, microphones and other musical illustrations, all combined with text and photos of musicians. Integrate with your Logos and Text!

After Effects Templates by. Just throw in your logo and hit the render. Sci-fi Worlds Universe is a bundle of every single Sci-fi World loop library ever made! Particle-Made Breakdancer Hip to the hop with this awesome intro!

This best-selling template was created back in but was freshly updated last year. An excellent template featuring velvety smooth transitions, with perfect integration of photographic and typography placeholders. Throw in a logo with an alpha channel and Voila!

Awards Ceremony After Effects Templates Projects

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Introduce your Law firm with this exciting logo These magical scales of justice will reveal your Attorney or Law firm logo. All the necessary guides about installing the plugins is available in the tutorial video. This stuff is way better in Full screen. All essential elements are available, allowing you to highlight any segment from your program.

Golden Cube - Awards Pack by Chuckwalla. Cinema Awards Package is a Hollywood-style awards ceremony presentation template, perfect for awards shows, corporate presentations and any special event presentation of your choosing. Awards Show is an exclusive and professional pack for After Effects, attaullah khan esakhelvi video songs with a modular structure.


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Very clean and elegant as well as stylish. Perfect way to fight cavity, and portray a clean, elegant, minimal corporate company or business. Highly suitable for your action, sports, mysterious and movies Logos. As the title says, you can have your winners displayed across the faces of a spinning cube, seemingly made of solid gold, much like their performances!


Golden globe awards Download Free After effects Templates

You can also dive into the forums to see which other templates our community suggests. Using built in Lights, Shadows and Depth of field. Piano Memories Funeral Video Use this Beautiful mellow funeral video to portray a tribute to your loved one or just to display photos in a stylish glossy manner.

Construct a home or real estate property. Housing and Construction Logo Reveal Outline a house mesh turning into your logo. The native version, which is easier to customise, also needs Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares plugins. Tribute Slideshow Smooth Breath-taking Tribute. This Breakdancer generates movement, Musical notes and trails.