The ditty full score pdf

In 1985, Cage opted to omit the detail of exactly how slowly the the ditty full score pdf should be played. The performance of the organ version at St. 2001 and is scheduled to have a duration of 639 years, ending in 2640. The piece was commissioned for a piano competition by The Friends of the Maryland Summer Institute for the Creative and Performing Arts as a contemporary requirement.

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Cage employed an open format mainly to ensure that no two performances would be the same, providing the judges a break from the monotony of most compositions. Drew has also given 9- and 12-hour performances of the piece, and is planning a 48-hour performance. The eight sections of the work were each allocated an hour, with each section divided into segments of one minute, within which the precise timing of events was left open. In performance, seven sections were performed, with one omitted and one repeated.

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