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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Strategies that have relied exclusively on the implementation of evidence-based data have not yielded the desired progress. The tools of human-centered design, used in conjunction with evidence-based data, hold much promise in providing an optimal approach for advancing disease prevention efforts. Directing the focus toward wide-scale education and application of human-centered design techniques among healthcare professionals will rapidly multiply their effective ability to bring the kind of substantial results in disease prevention that have eluded the healthcare industry for decades.

This, in turn, would increase the likelihood of prevention by design. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 2015 American Journal of Preventive Medicine. NGS can be performed using DNA from FFPE tissue, but it is unknown whether such specimens are truly equivalent to unfixed tissue for NGS applications. To address this question, we performed hybridization-capture enrichment and multiplexed Illumina NGS for 27 cancer-related genes using DNA from 16 paired fresh-frozen and routine FFPE lung adenocarcinoma specimens and conducted extensive comparisons between the sequence data from each sample type. This analysis revealed small but detectable differences between FFPE and frozen samples.

NGS data when compared with genotypes from an orthogonal single-nucleotide polymorphism array platform. This study demonstrates that routine processing of FFPE samples has a detectable but negligible effect on NGS data and that these samples can be a reliable substrate for clinical NGS testing. Translational Science Awards grant UL1RR024992 from the National Center for Research Resources, a component of the NIH, and the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research. 2013 American Society for Investigative Pathology and the Association for Molecular Pathology. Following this, James would alternate between the Brian Armstrong and The Dark Secret ring names, where he would find success in singles and tag team matches under the former and continue to job under the latter.

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