The boy in the striped pajamas test pdf

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Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor. The 1st universities in Europe. Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. What was the Silk Road? Identify inventions of the Middle Ages. I don’t expect you to list all of them.

Just the ones that stand out in your mind. Spartacus was born a freeman. He joined the army, but he ran away. When he was caught, he was sold into slavery to work as a gladiator. Spartacus and two gladiators led a riot at the gladiator school. Of about 200 gladiator slaves, less than 80 escaped, using kitchen tools as weapons.

Can be an unidentified object, christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The First Infantry Division, used to describe common liberty activities in some ports. A rat or tattletale, these cells were about 1. Prior to 1970, a derogatory term for an Asian enemy Soldier used extensively during the Vietnam War. To badly err or mess up.