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It is the bluest eye pdf free the story of mothers and daughters and the story of a primitive America. 10 Best Books of 2008″ as chosen by the paper’s editors.

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In Fall 2010 it was chosen for the One Book, One Chicago program. Florens, a slave, lives and works on Jacob Vaark’s rural New York farm. Lina, a Native American and fellow laborer on the Vaark farm, relates in a parallel narrative how she became one of a handful of survivors of a smallpox plague that destroyed her tribe. Vaark’s wife Rebekka describes leaving England on a ship for the new world to be married to a man she has never seen. The deaths of their subsequent children are devastating, and Vaark accepts a young Florens from a debtor in the hopes that this new addition to the farm will help alleviate Rebekka’s loneliness.