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Due to police inaction, there is loss of life and damage to property. One should really know what to expect based on the reputation. Cherry hatches a plan to save Jilebi from Babji and succeeds but falls for Babji's sister Madhu Kajal Agarwal in the process. He complaints to the Police but is murdered by Badvel as the Police officer was his friend. In the final attempt, Chauhan orders Pandurung Saurabh Shukla to destroy law and order and cause bomb explosions in various parts of the city.

He is assisted by the secretary, Bansal Paresh Rawal who serves as a side kick. Rawat then kills the Minister, blames Siddharth for it, stabs him with a knife and throws him into the Ganges. Please contact us at vidyanandyadlapali gmail.


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Post by Kotha Cinema Official. Over the years it has emerged as a cult film due to its strong fan following. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cherry's first double action film, that's something.

Shivaji reluctantly accepts the challenge to prove Chauhan wrong. For those who don't mind our standard commercials with enough insistent humor. But a priest is able to overhear a few men planning to detonate bombs. But Cherry lifts the phone, listens to the conversation, goes to Rawat's place only to be attacked by Rawat severely. The security guards then shoot down Chauhan killing him.

In the ensuing state elections, he wins by a vast majority. Siddharth too tells the same that he is Siddharth and the one who entered the court is his fan.


Rawat becomes the Minister within a week and Siddharth survives, planning to kill Rawat. Watch Online Latest Movies.

Now getting to know that Shivaji had set a trap, an enraged Chauhan attempts to shoot Shivaji, but his shot misses. Veturi Sundararama Murthy.

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In the end, the city develops under the governance of Shivaji Rao and his colleagues. All images and text are thought to be public domain and found through various free sources on the internet and publications. Siddarth is unable to bear this and kills Badvel, thus becoming a sensational leader overnight. Meanwhile his Brother-in-Law, who is a Doctor, attends a case of a minor effected with steroids by Rawat's second Brother Badvel Dev Gill and sent for prostitution. Manjari's father also comes to realize that Shivaji is in fact a great man who sees duty before everything else and allows Manjari to marry him.

Live Updates of Autonagar Surya. Shankar Films about elections Films featuring an item number Fictional portrayals of the Maharashtra Police.

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The Case becomes void because of lack of evidence and in the end, all goes well with the union of Cherry and Madhu, and Siddharth and Nandini. But Shivaji promptly answers by digging out all accusations against Chauhan and his allies.

Being the most ordinary even amongst templates, one can easily guess the scene order of the film. Subhalekha Rasukunna Song - Naayak.

But the look-alike of Cherry, who killed Rawat's Brother, rises from the Ganges and hurts Rawat with a trident and injures all of his guards. The film's score and soundtrack, composed by A. Kathi Lanti Pilla song - Naayak. Ram Charan Teja would play a dual role in the film for the first time in his career.

It was critically acclaimed and has since developed a mass cult following among audience. Discography Awards and nominations. Soon he seizes each and every property of Rawat and distributes it to the public.

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Home Telugu Movies Naayak Nayak. Vinayak's debut Aadi was quite impressive. The screenplay and Ram Charan Teja's performance make it a one time watch despite Vinayak's repetition of ideas. But, hero by mariah carey mp3 there is a Nayak in Calcutta who is killing people as per the template.