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Ingrid Vandebosch as Third Robber. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Earl Schuman as Old Janitor. Alli Danziger as Girl at Bank. Magali Amadei as Fourth Robber.

John Rothman as Businessman. Emilien is sacked but with Daniel's help he works to recapture Le Belge with the help of Daniel. With this lack of attention to detail I did not have high hopes but I figured I was being picky and tried to get past it. Belle has carte blanche to drive at any speed and break any law.

Edit Storyline Belle Williams is a speed demon. While the plot sounds like a good premise for a decent comedy, the film is sorely lacking in script composition. Rick Overton as Man at Taxi Convention. Jimmy Fallon plays the unco New York cop who lands in her cab one day in pursuit of a bunch of foxy Brazilian bank robbers.

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Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. To work off his tarnished driving record, a hip taxi driver must chauffeur a loser police inspector on the trail of German bank robbers.

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Silly and unfunny remake of a French movie of the same name. The cast are lumbered with the material but they don't do as much as perhaps they could have done to make it better. Trivia Kevin Bray was originally set to direct, but dropped out.

Audible Download Audio Books. Sure, we'll play with a ball of yarn, unless you want us to play with the ball of yarn. With this old chestnut wheeled out again, the rest of the comedy falls into line and I never really laughed more than once. Ana Cristina de Oliveira as Redhead.

He's armed, but she's dangerous. Taxi Critics Consensus Silly and unfunny remake of a French movie of the same name. Movie Info An inept cop suddenly gets a new partner in the person of a cabbie with attitude in this high-rolling comedy.

Not surprisingly things go very wrong. It's got suped up autos, suped up models, and suped up action. The original Luc Besson movie is far more better then this one. Adapted from a popular French action comedy with the same name, Taxi was Jimmy Fallon's first big-screen vehicle after leaving the cast of the popular sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. While Taxi is certainly full of faults that would be hard for most good actors to overcome, Fallon provides the fatal blow himself by being the least interesting part of a pretty paltry movie.

Bernard Farcy as Commissaire Gibert. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

Goofs Albert Vandenbosh initially put his black handkerchief in his left front suit pocket, but at one point, while firing the uzis over the balcony, it is shown in his right front pocket. Dunno, maybe their fries are better than his. However what I did need from the film was action, excitement, comedy and spark. Jean-Christophe Bouvet as General Bertineau.

Flying through the streets of New York in her tricked-out taxi, she's earned a rep as New York's fastest cabbie. The Haves and the Have Nots. The Yakuza meets his brutal ways. Edouard Montoute as Alain. Tanner Schwartz as The Hostage.

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Louise Lemoine Torres as Sweaty Dealer. Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. You have to be a Belgian for really understanding the dialogs in this movie. Jean-Luc Couchard as la Belge.

Meanwhile cycle courier Belle has finally gotten her taxi license and is preparing her souped up vehicle for the New York City streets. Police inspector Emilien and his taxi-driver pal Daniel are back, jewish phenomenon this time on the tail of a group of Japanese yakuza.

The big lack in this movie is the absence of hot pursuits of the taxi driver like in the other three movies. Marion Cotillard is deeply missed and the repetition of ideas from the prequels made this a total dumb and useless movie to watch. The movie is set in New York City. Belle wants to be a race car champion. But don't hide it where you can't find it, ya know?

Samy Naceri as Daniel Morales. Nashawn Kearse as Cop in Harlem.

It would take a tankerload of laughing gas to pump some humour into this flat-tyred fiasco. Taxi is one of those madcap comedies where they show all those wacky bloopers during the closing credits to show you how much fun everyone had on the set. Christian Kane as Agent Mullins. Out to stop a new gang disguised as Santa Claus, Emilien and Daniel must also handle major changes in their personal relationships. Esposito is pretty wasted in a thankless role before being used as a piece of meat for the sake of selling the film to the male audience yes, yes, I admit it.

Patton Oswalt as Clerk at Impound Office. Too much sequels usually ruin the franchise, and here's the perfect example. The glitch, beyond the rote story, is that while she's an infectiously upbeat screen presence, Latifah is not, inherently, a major laugh generator, and neither, it would appear, is Fallon. Oh, how I never tire of seeing racial stereotypes enforced in the name of comedy.

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This dude just entered his food truck with a tuxedo, and moreover, with a fast-food drive-in bag. They don't deliver this very well at all and the scenes where they try to feel cheap, tacky and exploitative instead of sexy and fresh. Adrian Martinez as Brazilian Man.

Ann-Margret as Washburn's Mom. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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