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Don’t have a subscription to BMJ Best Practice? We will respond to all feedback. For any urgent enquiries please contact our customer services team who are ready to help with any problems. Your feedback has been submitted successfully. Further documentation is available here. We identify potential drivers of multiple dimensions of the ageing process up to 110 years of age. Inflammation is the prime candidate amongst potential determinants of mortality, capability and cognition up to extreme old age.

Telomere length does not predict successful ageing in the very and extreme old, but centenarians and their offspring maintain telomeres better than non-centenarians. Centenarians are less susceptible to the diseases, functional losses and dependencies of old age than the general public. Why centenarians age differently, i. We found that chronic systemic inflammation becomes increasingly associated with risk of death, loss of cognitive function and increasing dependency, but did not predict multimorbidity. In contrast, long telomeres might be important to become a centenarian but did not predict the ageing process further on. Suppression of chronic inflammation could be an essential step towards further improvements in human healthy lifespan. We combined z scores from multiple biomarkers to describe haematopoiesis, inflammation, lipid and glucose metabolism, liver function, renal function, and cellular senescence domains.

Centenarians and their offspring were able to maintain long telomeres, but telomere length was not a predictor of successful ageing in centenarians and semi-supercentenarians. We conclude that inflammation is an important malleable driver of ageing up to extreme old age in humans. Contributed equally to this manuscript. 2015 Published by Elsevier B. No reports have detailed the growth pattern of a pituitary adenoma arising from the infundibulum.

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