Software project management interview questions and answers pdf

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The questions can be majorly categorized under three categories. When such questions are asked it’s better to explain them with examples and diagrams. If the interviewer is content with your basic knowledge on testing topics and they may proceed with the next level of assessment. How do you determine when to stop testing, What if there isn’t enough time for thorough testing, etc.

It’s always good to answer such questions in detail. Try to give some examples of whatever you have done in such situations in your company. This will help them to confirm that you are a genuine candidate who has a good work experience in testing profession. It’s possible that your current organization may not have followed the right process, in such a case, it’s good to know what the correct process is and explain that as well. It’s good to practice such scenarios earlier so that you are prepared for the interview. Interviewers may not expect the correct answer but they do expect you to make your best attempt.

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