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However, they remain one of the most perplexing concepts for clinicians. Should vs ought to pdf good understanding of HRs is needed to effectively interpret the medical literature to make important treatment decisions. This article provides clear guidelines to clinicians about how to appropriately interpret HRs.

While this article focuses on the commonly used methods, the authors acknowledge that other statistical methods exist for analyzing survival data. Disclosure: Helen Barraclough and Lorinda Simms are employed by and own stock in Eli Lilly and Company. Ramaswamy Govindan has no conflicts of interest. 2011 International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. Indepth look at Deism compared to Atheism and Christianity. Dictionary as: “God’s disclosure to man of Himself. God’s alleged disclosure to man of himself.

It’s a revealed religion like many others such as Islam and Judaism. This is the admitted goal of the Christian Coalition. Christianity is NOT revelation from God. Free subscription to Deist monthly THINKonline! Inquiry therefore is necessary in order to arrive at truth. No one part contradicts another.

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