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The order of play for all courts is displayed on boards around the grounds Due to the possibility of rain during Wimbledon, a retractable roof was installed prior to the Championship. Seats and days are allocated randomly and ballot tickets are not transferrable.

Les deux rencontres ont lieu en finale de Grand Chelem. The show courts were in action for the second time in three months in as Wimbledon hosted the tennis events of the Olympic Games. Early in the morning when the line moves towards the Grounds, rencontre pontarlier doubs stewards walk along the line and hand out wristbands that are colour-coded to the specific court.

Dark green and purple are the traditional Wimbledon colours. When they join the queue, fans are handed queue cards. Fans who invest thus in the club receive a pair of tickets for every day of the Wimbledon Championships for the five years the investment lasts.

Fed Cup - Tableau des rencontres - Tennis Temple

If a match is being played with two competitors of the same surname e. Tout d'abord à l'Open d'Australie pour leur première finale en Grand Chelem. None of these nicknames are official. They should blend into the background and get on with their jobs quietly. Queuing for the show courts ends after the quarter finals have been completed.

The All-England Club allows overnight queuing and provides toilet and water facilities for campers. In London Fire Brigade members joined the ranks of stewards.

Fans watch from an area of grass officially known as the Aorangi Terrace. Construction on a new retractable roof on the No. Wimbledon and the French Open are the only Grand Slam tournaments where fans without tickets for play can queue up and still get seats on the three show courts on the day of the match.

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Centre Court is covered by full-time groundstaff, however. The wrist band and payment is exchanged at the ticket office for the ticket when the grounds open. At one time, all the Majors, except the French Open, were played on grass.

The second most important court is No. General admission to the grounds gives access to the outer courts and is possible without queuing overnight.

This tradition has continued at least to some extent. At its south end is the Royal Box, from which members of the Royal Family and other dignitaries watch matches.

The court was constructed in to replace the old No. The Church Road venue was larger and was needed to meet the ever-growing public demand.

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The court attendants are mainly university students working to make summer money. The change was made to improve durability and strengthen the sward to better withstand the increasing wear of the modern game. This was possibly owing to their proximity to the club. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam event played on grass courts.

To get access to the show courts, fans will normally have to queue overnight. Their principal responsibility is to ensure that the courts are quickly covered when it begins to rain, so that play can resume as quickly as possible once the referees decide to uncover the courts. At the northern end of the grounds is a giant television screen on which important matches are broadcast.