Reasons why students don”t achieve mastery of standards pdf

Preparing America’s reasons why students don’t achieve mastery of standards pdf for success. This study explored why mastery-based achievement goals often are unrelated to class grades despite promoting deep learning strategies and high course interest. We hypothesized that mastery-oriented students jeopardize their exam performance by allowing their individual interests to dictate their study efforts such that they neglect boring topics in favor of preferred ones.

Supporting the hypothesis, path analysis showed that mastery-oriented students allocated their study efforts disproportionately to the personally interesting material, and this in turn predicted low grades in the class. Performance-oriented students did not show this pattern. Theoretical implications and new research directions are discussed. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. We thank Alexandra Freund, Chris Hulleman, Editor Alexander, and the reviewers for helpful comments on earlier drafts.

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