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The prettiest man-in-drag has to be Aamir Khan who made a very pretty woman and a decent cabaret dancer in Baazi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Minor complaints are from a quite choppy dvd or could it have been bad editing on the part of the director? It is usually listed as one of all time great comedies. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The film was among the first to play with ideas of same-sex love in Hindi films, and is considered important for its light-hearted treatment of themes such as sex and gender. Men in drag somehow never strikes me as funny, not here and not in the original, either! Filmfare Best Comedian Award. In order to save themselves, they decide to disguise themselves as girls and hop on to a train to Kashmir with other girls in a singing band, where they met Neetu Singh, Bindoo and Asrani.

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Two out-of-work musicians Rishi Kapoor and Paintal witness a murder and are spotted by the villains. Those of us who didnt know it was him, actually didnt realise it was not a woman, for a bit! Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics. Yaay men in drag, my kinda movie!

Tumko Mere Dil Ne (Rafoo Chakkar)

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The plot twists when a man falls in love with Paintal, and Rishi Kapoor tries to impress Neetu Singh by pretending to be an oil tycoon. Will Dev reveal the truth to Ritu? This article does not cite any sources. The music was composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

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Oh it was is sad thing that I never saw this film. However, it always make for good comedy. The plot follows the general outline of Some Like it Hot. We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. Will Ranjit realsie the wanted witnesses is his son Dev?

Tumko Mere Dil Ne (Rafoo Chakkar)Ae Zamane Tu Kar Le Sitam Pe Sitam Kanchan Rafoo Chakkar Songs Neetu SinghRafoo Chakkar Songs

For this and a whole lot fun reasons do watch Rafoo Chakkar I enjoyed this very much, its highly entertaing and it holds you in all the way through. Rafoo Chakkar Songs Lyrics. And I love the songs in this film. Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Avdi do get it, www ben ten games it might not hold too much i you've seen Some like it hot.

Will Salma follow her heart and return Rajinder's affections? However, the romantic pairs remain intact by the end credits, including the man and Paintal. Newer Post Older Post Home. Unknown to Dev is the fact that Ranjit his father is Prakash's best man.