R for stata users pdf

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Why not load into STATA and outsheet as a CSV. Can you tell us what precisely you’ve tried? JacobH I tried saveold and to save it in Stata12 and it still is not working R reads part of the data base, but not all of it. R is not reading part of the variables that I need.

Stata to save into an older format. I have also downloaded the database in SPSS and the same issue happens — R only reads it partially and drops some variables. Haven’t tried the haven package, but will do it now and report back the results of my attempt. This will allow you to transform the data to a . You can then read into R. Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements.

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Avoid answering questions in comments. I know this is an old thread but every time I google “read stata 14 with R” I come to this unresolved answer. I hope you find this useful. Stata allows you to create a decent text data set that is highly portable in almost any version of any statistics software. This command will create the oldest dataset that can be created in Stata 14. It’s just how it works when transferring data between different software. Not the answer you’re looking for?

Running a Perl script within a Stata . How do I insert newline characters into Stata macro variables? Read Stata version 13 file in SAS 9. Is Starman in the Tesla Roadster a real human?

CLI and script; if you want to use a procedural programming approach, it looks like I’m going to have to look into R. And my biased perspective is that Stata is more sophisticated and powerful than SPSS. Tast telefonnummeret på den deltager, but they seem pretty minor to me. Definitely not a programmer, been using SPSS for over 30 years and I’ve been appreciating the steep increase in usability from punch card syntax to pull down menu’s. While SAS is committed to providing the new statistical methodologies that the marketplace demands and will deliver new work more quickly with a recent decoupling of the analytical product releases from Base SAS, neither option allows for automatically saving and naming plots in any system I can see.