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But, Xhex Alex my favorite fem to I adore Duke. And it's a real shame cause I really liked him. There was no hand-to-hand action but choices made throughout were total game changers. She needed a problem at that point and this was the best she could do? This managed to squeeze tears out of me when she visits her family and thinks about all those she has left behind.

And don't get me started on Jim's utter selfishness and poor choices. But when it comes to Cait, he's on a mission.

Possession J. R. Ward 1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Seriously why would I want to read something I don't even enjoy reading. Rolly is his freeloading roommate more concerned about his next hit than his next job. She simply is not my kind of fem to read.

So of course what goes on from there she hooks up with the good brother. Because all of the good guys had their thumbs up their butts the whole time and didn't save the soul of the evil brother in time. Other books in the series. Beautiful in a tux, with a voice that will melt your panties off. Here, though, it worked in a big way and kept me intrigued from beginning to end.

Possession jr ward

The attraction is instantaneous and when he approaches her vehicle, she somehow knows her life will never be the same. Given the title it's probably Jim or Sissy. As always in the Fallen Angels series, Jim and his sidekick, Adrian, have no idea whose soul is in play. Torn about my feelings about this book. Devina must of locked me away with the souls for me not to notice all this.

Meh, didn't get interesting till the end. Cait is torn between two men both of which seem to have good qualities. Now everyone wants a piece of her sexy new look. Hope that Sissy and Jim get some serious face time. Duke's got competition for Cait's affections.

Even if this meant giving up a win. Copy provided by publisher. So far the Angels are winning the war and Devina is not happy. He should've fought for what was right. And she seems to be shifting gears and changing things up a bit I noticed it in here and I hope this trend continues.

J. R. Ward 1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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Sure, I know Jim and Adrian are men, but they must have some clue about wiping down counters and washing windows? Have to agree on that point. And the abbreviations are ridiculous. And Cait Douglas is falling in love.

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Yet the real fail here is in the Jim-Devina-big picture storyline. Adrian is stepping up, which I appreciate, but even he can not save this side of the story. But Damn if he isn't having to work for Cait, and he likes that.

What would it hurt to use them properly? That particular storyline is getting really old. This is not a read again book and I am hoping next one will be more interesting. Two men who are so incredibly different, each determined to cut the other out of her life, and yet only one will win her heart.

Once I found out the connection between G. So she joined a gym, got sexy, and died her mousey brown hair blonde. It was angsty and dark and artfully interconnected.

She's nothing like the skanks that throw sex at him each and every night. Duke Duke is jaded and has given up on women and love. He's an ultra smooth singer, that has a swarm of female fans. He really grew on me in this book.

The title is who does, best of lopamudra mitra mp3 songs have Possession that is. Possession sure took care of that. But Possession just didn't work for me.

Can Jim Heron, a former professional assassin-turned-angel, persuade a soul to change? Colin - too much of a spoiler to put down here. But more than that I wanted to see more of her anger and her strength and I hope the author will empower her in the next coming book, so she can get her hands on Davina! Do we even know any men other than the nummy nummy angels? She's smart, patient, clear-headed, brave and wants her shot at helping Jim and Adrian in the war.

Ward writes but this book defiantly takes the cake when it comes to her Fallen Angels series, my favorite thus far! First off, I feel like Ward needs to stop giving the Brothers cameos and allow this series to be its own entity. Ward book, there's a lot going on so I'm going to section off my review so I don't start rambling incoherently. Why is she allowed to get away with this?

Wonder if he'll go all psycho when she tells him about Duke. But I am sick to death of Jim and every single bit of the storyline associated with him.

Possession jr ward

She's proof that blondes have more fun. He seems so lost right now. Stop being so clever and tell the story.

He's letting his responsibilities slip but in his defense, I really don't think he would have won this round anyways. Sissy, I loved her spunkyness.

But in that same night, she locks eyes with Duke. The attraction between she and Duke is off the charts.

Possession (Fallen Angels 5) by J.R. Ward

Stayed with it to the end though but still wasn't impressed. In the beginning it's a bit complicated because of all the characters. Mildly annoying is now nails on a blackboard. After all this is a game of good vs. Open Preview See a Problem?