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The show was successful, but it was largely ignored by critics. CD of the show, however, had a limited release. Since 2013, they have all been deleted. It is broken into seven parts: Pokémon Live!

Part 01 of 07, Pokémon Live! The following synopsis is based on videos of the show as provided by the production manager, Chris Mitchell, and the script he provided to pocketmonsters. Ash and Misty head off for the Gym using a map downloaded from the Diamond Badge website. Giovanni ordering them to arrive at his headquarters.

They promise to do as he says. Rockets forgot to remove the supports. To their misfortune, Jessie and James only realize the cause when they pull out the supports and fall into their own trap, leaving a frustrated Meowth to run off for rope to pull them out. In the meantime, Delia and Professor Oak approach the old, run-down building where the Snorlax lecture is supposed to be held. Giovanni says that the lecture was a trap to lure Professor Oak to them. In the forest, the heroes are lost and alone after Brock earlier threw the map in the river while asking a female trainer for directions. In spite of this, the deaf trainer leaves his map with the heroes as Jigglypuff draws on their faces.

Ash and Brock soon wake up as well, with the former wondering aloud who was singing just now. Misty claims the song to have been an effect of Jigglypuff’s song, and the heroes continue on to the next part of the path. Meanwhile, Meowth gets Jessie and James—who have also fallen asleep from Jigglypuff’s song—out of the pit while complaining about their incompetence. Realizing that Meowth is right, Jessie and James lament their status as failures. With that, the Rockets set out to find Pikachu again. While the kids get caught up in the song, Team Rocket captures Pikachu when he dances near them.