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By using phpfox, you can take part in a big and active forum full of members who want to assist you to start. Features I needed and bugs I was facing, I paid so much to developers and they got included everytime by phpfox after that. There's really nothing to dislike about the software, it does exactly what it says it'll do. Fast and modern look and feel social network software.

Over all experience is very good. Helps our community communicate very efficiently, and in a timely manner.

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We need to have good skills programmer however we also have the possibility to be very well assisted. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It grabs a random image to use for the share. Using phpfox By using phpfox, you can take part in a big and active forum full of members who want to assist you to start. All settings are grouped into modules for easy use.

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This not what we expect for investing abandoned product. There are lots of benefits I got from this software. Make it more explicit and detailed. They answered all my questions in timely manner and fixed all of my issues with my Site.

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We pay through the nose for a script that has more bugs in it than the amazon jungle. Well I wish I could take the credit. All of the users of the site really love it! Language Package Requests.

The software has a modern look and feel, similar to Facebook, so it is easy to start. Joomla, Drupal, Elgg or Dolphin? They really try to help you get your site s running to its best potential.

Just try it and you'll experience the best platform in social networking. Customs fields for specific user group. You can get a lot of assistance here, and you can likewise learn more information about add on scripts and adjustments that can help you better make use of the phpfox social media network script.

This will help in case there is an issue with the upgrade not common but can happen such as faulty file upload, server glitch, internet issues, etc. But again, is the missing bit to consider is a complete product. Post Time Post Time author Subject.

Very efficient and dependable software. Support work very fine, the product is easy to use, full of features and applications! You can set the community to friends only too. Hi everyone, I hope that all is going well. Please continue the improvement of your one of the most expensive product.

Admins or staff have the ability to approve blogs before they go public. The upgrade process will begin with a check for requirements. Alot of great features and add-ons. Team with the hosting support staff was very helpful, timely and courteous in not only assisting me but eventually resolving the problem entirely.

They can built own communities with the ability to create events, discussions, photos, videos and uploading songs. Always make a clone of it and edit that instead as this routine must be run on each upgrade. Im really thinking of going back to Wordpress and ditching this script all together.

Then you will select phpFox apps that you want an upgrade on your site. Building a brand new social networking site with Phpfox, style telugu mp3 songs one of the best social network script choices is an easy task. YouNetCo provides many phpFox apps for users to fulfill features on this Script.

Mostly great thing is adaptivity with any scenarios. Why is Phpfox the best social network script or social network website production tool out there? Remember, you must still run the next steps if we say a full upgrade is required. If you could even improve the product update would be perfect! You can add all your favorite plug-ins and modules.

Store Community Support Documentation. Of course, if you do not wish to bother with the setup procedure yourself, then the Phpfox company will do it for you, however, it needs that you pay a nominal cost. If upgrading a build, please skip the Web Upgrader steps and simply do the Final Steps and the Cron Job if you hadn't, then visit your site and clear cache. We ahve to guess what you changed whenr eading your update, elaborating will just cost you a few more minutes and save you lots of support back and forth questions.

The only concern would be the mobile side of the platform. These listed are two small things compared to the exaggerated power of the product. Add-ons and Modifications.

Mobile version will only get better though, as they work on this application. Am i the only one that has this issue? Basically when you accept a friend it does nothing.

Not bad for a base to work on if you want to create your own social network but it takes more times than it should to understand the logic of the code itself. However, none of them provided a free server and free installation, so phpfox gains a plus. We've been trying our best effort to make sure that the phpFox social platform is easy for everyone to build their online communities to promote campaigns, events, products, and businesses.


As soon as this is done, just run it and the setup file will do the rest of the work for you. Limited Support during the weekend. It will break the upgrade process. No need to load extra header or other sections. Only enable debug if you already are having problems upgrading the site.

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In order to prevent security risks, this step needs to be proceeded right after the installation is completed without any problem. Note that one Branding Removal is applicable to only one license. Please refer instruction for this article here.

What configs should I be using that is tailored for phpfox? Sometimes I faces urgent cases at weekend and have to wait until next Monday to receive support. Maintenance releases for the version released at the time of your purchase are free of charge to download at all time. Tech support is terrible they do not respond your problems. Any inquiries or having a problem with a purchase?