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Please update this article to reflect recent events or pdf reader for sse amd available information. EAX register, and in some cases the ECX register, specifies what information to return.

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CPU behavior in order to determine the processor make and model. Outside the x86 family, developers are mostly still required to use esoteric processes to determine the variations in CPU design that are present. EAX register to determine the main category of information returned. In Intel’s more recent terminology, this is called the CPUID leaf. Windows do not need it, so basic leaves greater than 4 can be assumed visible on current Windows systems.

14h, but the information returned by some leaves are not disclosed in publicly available documentation, i. Some of the more recently added leaves also have sub-leaves, which are selected via the ECX register before calling CPUID. Here is a list of processors and the highest function supported. ID string as well as the highest calling parameter that the CPU supports. EBX, including the initial APIC id. EDX and ECX, and additional feature info in EBX.