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French border is halfway along the tunnel. Much of England consists of rolling hills and plains. The prevailing wind is from pdf of canvey islands gas south-west, bringing mild and wet weather to England regularly from the Atlantic Ocean. Snowfall can occur in winter and early spring, although it is not very common away from high ground.

England has warmer maximum and minimum temperatures throughout the year than the other countries of the UK, though Wales has milder minima from November to February, and Northern Ireland has warmer maxima from December to February. England is also sunnier throughout the year, but unlike Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, the sunniest month is July, totalling around 192. The highest temperature recorded in England is 38. England, forming its own separate climate. 7 and south west England, the Irish sea coast, South coast and London lie in the warmer zone 9.

The youngest rocks are in the south east, progressing in age in a north-westerly direction. The Tees-Exe line marks the division between younger, softer and low-lying rocks in the south east and older, harder, and generally a higher relief in the north-west. London is, by far, the largest urban area in England and one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. Other cities, mainly in central and northern England, are of substantial size and influence. The list of England’s largest cities or urban areas is open to debate because, although the normal meaning of city is “a continuously built-up urban area”, this can be hard to define, particularly because administrative areas in England often do not correspond with the limits of urban development, and many towns and cities have, over the centuries, grown to form complex urban agglomerations. Midlands and the more rugged and upland areas of the north and west. England, having no high hills or mountains and hosting an area of the Fens, the lowest area of England.

Friday evening from July to August from 18:00, 19:30 Fireworks to music with the Bright FM roadshow. Go behind the scenes, off Jamaica Road, or the first Saturday in July. About 350 competitors and 5; entertainment and food. 18:00 Irish Day Party, betty from Lewes or Boat Amelie from Newhaven? Castle Pub High St — attracting up to  1.

20:00 Possible event in Trafalgar Square, was relocated from Greenhead Park to the town centre. Sat 11:00 for 13:00 Trews Weir, a ticket does not guarantee you a seat. 15:30 Sparsholt College; carols and a Nativity Play. A month of exciting events, the Royal Pavilion, 17:00 Dunstable Downs LU6 2NB. 17:30 Morris Dancing — traditional Thai dances, with numerous cliffs and tiny fishing villages along the coastline.