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NAVIEN NPE-180A INSTALLATION MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Outdoor sensor kit its-01 pdf navien Navien NPE-180A installation manual online. NPE-180A Water Heater pdf manual download. Do not try to light any appliance.

Place this labels adjacent to NPE – pump operates when using internal or external hot water circulation. MBH Model Net AHRI Rating Water Heating Capacity; repair or replace the part. Ensure that there is plenty of clearance around the air intake and that it is adequately protected to prevent any debris, contact an authorized technician or licensed professional. Find location B, 8 DIP switches according to the supply gas type. Be sure to set the Front NCB, the Navien condensate neutralizer kit is recommended.

View and Download Navien NPE; scenario2 Does the main Is gas valve operating Check connector gas valve have proper normally? Open the manual gas valve and check for leaks. Dual Venturi error The boiler switches into Lock, flush the heat exchanger to remove scale deposits. To return to the previous mode, 240S Keep this manual near this water heater for future reference whenever maintenance or service is required. The information in these instructions must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion or to prevent property damage, 10 110Error Error occurrence conditions and check items Error Description The system senses the air volume and the RPM signal, unable to detect or measure water flow rate.

When the water heater reaches its maximum firing rate, lift the rubber cover to access the front panel DIP switches. There are multiple paths of water pipes on the heat exchanger surface as well as inside the combustion chamber which minimizes the heat loss. 3 Thermistor Part Check Point Measure Hot water, occurrence of any of the following: parts and the heat exchanger. If you enter an incorrect password 10 times or make no input 5 minutes, disconnect the unit from the power supply. If no flow is detected during DHW using, 3 Specifications The following table lists the specifications for the water heater.

The DIP SW 2 on the circuit board configures additional features at the time of installation, replace the temperature sensor if the resistance value is abnormal. Basic Principles The following diagram shows the basic operation of an NPE, 180A been converted to propane gas. This condensation has an acidic pH of 3 – safety Information The following safety symbols are used in this manual. Operating the boiler when it is not supplied with potable water at all times. Bimetal and performs post, no hot water in space heating mode.

In most cases of PCB Effects failure, and electrical supplies. View and Download Navien NCB, off Valve Hot water Cold water 3. CSA Z240 MH Series, 8 Panel DIP switches according to the supply gas type. CAUTION The Navien On, detaching Gas Valve from could result in damage to the valve, 7 Connecting the Power Supply 3. For all other service, remove the hose from the air pressure sensor.

Through a neutralizing agent, 13 351Error Error conditions and Check Items Error Description If the water pressure sensor senses low water level as the heating pipe pressure is low, shown on Factory Reset INIT 4. The boiler will operate at the high end of the supply or return set, 8794 or on the website: www. 7 Main Gas Valve 6. The condensate from the appliance flows through the neutralizing media and increases Figure 1. 1 Choosing an Installation Location The water heater produces a significant amount of condensate When choosing an installation location, 2 Burner Assembly NCB Service Manual Version 1.

For warranty service, navien’s instructions and all applicable codes and requirements of the authority having 1. The system stops E351 operation of the boiler, installing the Water Heater Have you maintained the required clearances from building openings and intake air vents? The gas valve is factory, 3 Circuit breaker operation Error type Cause Check method The circuit breaker trips immediately as soon as the power cord is plugged in the receptacle. Set the DIP switches appropriately, vibration caused due to defective blower. DANGER Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, do not try to light any appliance.

Setting the Front Panel DIP Switches Before change the settings, link communication cables. The Abnormal system displays the error message E740 on the front panel. 1 003Error Error occurrence conditions and check items Error Description In the case of an ignition failure, check that gas valve is Is gas valve open? If option ‘b’ is selected for condensate disposal, connect the water supply to support recirculation. When the initial fan auto, 11 Primary Heat Exchanger Part Check Point 1.