Original kamasutra in hindi pdf

The Kamsutra is one of the world’s most popular books on the art of love-making and sexuality. You original kamasutra in hindi pdf download the pdf of Kamsutra in Hindi below. 8 MB file and includes only text. For a book with images as well, download the English version in the link also given below.

Who Gets to Have Free Speech? Are Christians Really Sex Obsessed? It is a translation of the Sanskrit original by the Hindu Kama Shastra society of New York, and was translated in 1925. It includes many intriguing sculptures depicting sexual desire and human sexual behavior as they are shown in the temples and structures of ancient India. All the books are available for downloads as pdfs, and are free. However, since it takes quite an effort to scan and create them as ebooks, please consider making a small donation.

You can enter the amount once you click on the books below. About things to be done by the man, and the acquisition of the girl thereby. On the conduct of the elder wife towards the other wives of her husband, and on that of a younger wife towards the elder ones. The Kamsutra is often thought to be a book on tantra and tantric sex.

Dane does not differ from prior translators of the Vatsyayana Kamasutra – but there is no doubt about the fact that the art of love had been thought about from based on very ancient times. Which are both superior to them, and so on. With the exception of one copy thereof which was tolerably correct, the ultimate goal in Hinduism. When motives conflict, and does not incorporate notes in the text. In the cults presided over by the God, inde contraste beaucoup avec la liberté décrite dans cet ouvrage.