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With LookOut online mobile storage feature, you can backup your mobile phone data and restore it at a later time as per requirements. The Antivirus module can be set to auto-protect your Smartphone, and giving you the capacity to perform complete infection scan and calendar checks at preset interims. Comes with a combination of firewall and real-time monitoring ensure your mobile device is safe and secure.

Airscanner's Mobile AntiVirus is an intense, far reaching security a solution for your windows mobile. Every day reports let us know that we have bounty to stress over. Dont forget to add your favorite mobile antivirus too to the list.

NetQin Mobile Anti-virus gives continuous assurance and uses an infection database is always overhauled. Lookout Mobile Security is a free application composed by Lookout, Inc. NetQin provides optimized full scan and system management to your mobile while enhancing overall mobile performance. Users can also scan storage devices inserted into supported phones, apk full or initiate scans of the mobile device manually.

Locating your device, sound an alarm, wipe your personal information etc will be done with the help of Missing smart phone feature which helps you to respond when your device is lost or stolen. Notwithstanding security and anti-virus, Lookout Mobile Security highlights aBackup and Restore usefulness that empowers clients to backup contacts which can be gotten to at myLookout. Well the answer depends on you and how you use your mobile phone. Debug Trojan hacks with a simple to-utilize registry viewer. Backup and restore data on your device to a computer with one click.

The firewall framework is really effective however, and there are four diverse security levels you can look over Trust No One, Paranoid, Cautious, or Trust All. It consequently filters each downloaded application to guarantee it's without infection. Perform quick, recursive, and adaptably multithreaded filesystem checking.

The software will protect mobile devices from new threats in real time, as malicious code attempts to install itself on mobile devices. The installation methodology for Norton Smartphone Security is a bit difficult, however once the system is running it offers an effective and bother free method for ensuring your gadget. Quarantine or destroy installed infections and malware.

New Trojan threatens Symbian smart phones. Windows Mobile and Symbian Ltd. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

Trend Micro gives away mobile antivirus software

In general, Lookout Mobile Security is an effective and natural Windows Mobileapplication to guarantee one's mobile safe and secure at all times. This application includes an Antivirus and Security usefulness that shields one's mobile telephone from infections, spyware and malware.

Nokia antivirus

Intercept memory occupant infections with a propelled process disclosure apparatus. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus is a freeware intended to ensure Windows Mobile against infection assaults, Trojans, spyware, malware.

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In addition, DroidSecurity alerts users to suspicious new applications or possible mis-configurations ensuring phone operability. Here are the latest Insider stories. Annoyingly, the firewall component in Norton Smartphone Security, is situated in a totally isolate interface to the Antivirus area, so you need to close one to change to the next. With everything taken into account, Norton Smartphone Security offers an advantageous and productive method for keeping the terrible stuff far from your mobile gadget. Though the mobile viruses are not in big number, antivirus companies reveal that they too are multiplying in number daily.

The constant flow of new malware implies security is a consistent fight. Product-related questions? Since then, only a handful of new malicious programs that target mobile devices have appeared, and none has spread widely.

With lots of new mobile phone apps and games popping up its very necessary to have a antivirus for your mobile phone. Because your application is great now, doesn't mean it will keep on giving the best scope later on. Our one of a kind components for Windows Phone incorporate hostile to infection checking, personal browsing, safe searching, and backup tools for your contacts.

MobiShield Mobile Security ensures your cell phone against malware and spyware.

Nokia antivirus

This protected program is a parentally controlled distinct option for Internet Explorer. Under the umbrella of pernicious apps you'll discover a wide range of nasties shielded away, including infections, Trojans, adware, exploits, worms, observing apparatuses, and spyware.

New strain of Skulls Trojan hits smart phones. In this case too it is optional, but if you use your mobile phones regularly for sharing data via Bluetooth, wireless etc then the chance of getting infected by mobile viruses are high. Get free MobiShield Antivirus.

NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus gives a capacity as reinforcement and restores contacts and an area administration for lost or stolen telephone. Get NetQin Mobile Antivirus. Fast, advanced checking velocity in light of patent pending innovation.

So its better to take a necessary precaution to avoid losing your data which might be more valuable than the mobile phone itself. The first mobile phone worm, dubbed Cabir, appeared in June.

Alternatively, updates can be transferred using Microsoft's Activesync, he said. Clients can likewise restore their information to any current telephone rapidly and effortlessly. It likewise highlights automatic updates. Two new Cabir mobile phone worms spotted.

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Finnish antivirus company F-Secure Corp. Despite the attention from antivirus companies, most experts agree that mobile phone viruses and worms are in their infancy. Security Mobile Networking Software Malware. Trend Micro is just the latest antivirus company to offer antivirus software for mobile devices.