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Van Dyke would recall: “We were my guy my god pdf anything to get the hell out of that studio. We knew that the producers didn’t know nothing ’bout no ‘Canadian Sunset’ or ‘Begin the Beguine’. We figured the song would wind up in the trash can anyway”. Wells would recall: “I was only joking but the producers said ‘Keep it going, keep it going’.

An option in her recording contract let Wells terminate the contract at her discretion after she reached her twenty-first birthday on May 13, 1964. However, Wells’ career never again reached the heights it had at Motown, and she never again had a hit single as big as “My Guy”. In the United Kingdom, “My Guy” peaked at number five in June 1964. I had very little input , but I did push for ‘My Guy’. My Guy” with the lyrics modified to flatter Jefferson. This page was last edited on 5 October 2017, at 09:33.

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