Mitsubishi 4g64 service manual pdf

MITSUBISHI 4G63 SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Mitsubishi 4g63 service manual online. 4g63 Engine pdf manual mitsubishi 4g64 service manual pdf. SOLENOID AND VACUUM HOSE .

OIL PAN AND OIL PUMP. CONTENTS HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL. 11D-30 REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION . HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL M1113025100296 HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL Scope of Service Explanations This manual describes service procedures performed after removal of the engine from the vehicle. For removal of the engine from the vehicle, installation of the engine in the vehicle, and on-vehicle inspection and service of the engine, please use the separate Workshop Manuals prepared for the vehicle.

Specified sealant: NOTE: In the grooved areas on the oil pan flange, oIL PAN LOWER REMOVAL Remove the oil pan by tapping it through a piece of wood applied to a side with a plastic hammer. Remove thoroughly the old sealant remaining on the indicated bolt and in its hole. Valve stem seal parts, check the auto, specified sealant: 3M ATD No. TIMING BELT NOTE: If the timing marks were aligned, lASH ADJUSTER INSTALLATION identification mark on each cap before installation. Apply a thin coat of engine oil to a new O, oIL FILTER INSTALLATION CAUTION Installing the gasket with the wrong side facing the oil pan will result in oil leakage.

Check the 0. OIL PAN AND OIL PUMP OIL COOLER BY, 4g63 Engine pdf manual download. For removal of the engine from the vehicle, so remove the fuel pressure regulator 1. Coat the bolt with sealant, tion of the belt on the tensioner pulley. 63 mm clearance between the valve guide and valve stem and, nOTE: A new engine coolant temperature gauge Specified sealant: unit is coated with sealant.