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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In addition, a number of characters appeared in significant roles for a single episode or series. He was the pompous – if essentially brave and unerringly patriotic – local bank manager. Mainwaring me and mrs jones pdf himself leader of his town’s contingent of Local Defence Volunteers.

Of the platoon, he and Private Walker were the only adult members with no prior combat experience, and therefore had no medals, which was a source of embarrassment for Mainwaring and sometimes caused tension with the other members. He did, however, serve in France, “during the whole of 1919—somebody had to clear up the mess”. Although an ensemble piece, the series focused particularly upon Mainwaring, who has invested all his efforts into the platoon as a way of escaping from an unhappy marriage to Elizabeth, daughter of a Bishop, and a stalled career at the bank. Mainwaring’s inferior in the bank and on parade. Nevertheless, his suave, understated social superiority, public school education and handsome looks led to a certain amount of jealousy on Mainwaring’s part, which Wilson was never particularly bothered by.

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