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Why Boundaries are Important for Massage Therapists

People with dementia are a uniquely underserved population for the bodywork profession. Imagine sitting in your home or your room in an assisted-living facility. You need to make it a target to start incorporating additional activities during the same period as your expertise improves. The staff members always keep their workspace and equipment clean and free from cross-contamination. Another thing to remember before beginning a session with an elderly client is that she may come from a more modest generation than your own.

How to Attract Clients as a Massage Therapist

Were the needs and preferences of the client put first? Do therapists or owners speak negatively about former clients on public forums? They are not pressed to know that you saw them just last week or have been working with them for months.

Link your website to other sites Offer discounts on links to businesses Make adding new clients a game. When he was in this state, his body became rigid, almost as if he were going into a seizure, even though he had no such history. Going to marketing meetings helps! Even if a client does not respond to your presence, you can make your best determination based on her body language as to whether or not you have been given the go-ahead to proceed.

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How to Attract Clients as a Massage Therapist

When Massage is Too Much For some clients, even the gentlest massage can be overstimulating and may increase confusion or agitation. It is an approach that does not put demands on clients to remember you, or to know what day it is, or even to know what a massage is. Referrals Network with other alternative-health providers Give sample massages to eligible referrers doctors, etc. For example, if a website states that every client will receive their choice of aromatherapy at the start and hot towels on their feet at the end of the massage, the expectation has been set. Take a moment to explore the journey your clients are taking.

If she chooses not to, you can reassure her that you can provide just as good a session for her whether she is undressed or not, which can often give her a sense of relief. And if you are at the beginning of your illness, you might still realize that you have become forgetful. It seemed as though both the sound of my voice and the measured touching had a soothing effect on him. Kamillya Hunter owns Spa Analytics, best dating a business that offers strategic consulting to the massage and spa industry nationwide.

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  1. Try to keep your back straight at all times without too much bending forward or sideways.
  2. Consider a visit to a local coffee chain.
  3. In some cases, a family member or staff person may introduce you to your client.

Essentially, your introduction to your client is the first step in building trust. Pay particular attention to the phone and email etiquette. It is also good to bring a stool to sit on for some parts of the work.

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You might choose to use some massage lotion or gel that has been formulated especially for the thinner skin of elderly people. If you plan on developing some regular massage clients, you must have access to people who can afford regular massage. You do not have to go anywhere or do anything special, you just need to sit in your familiar chair or lie on your bed, and she will spend some time helping your body feel better. As a rule, it takes more time, effort and money to attract new business than it does to keep it. For example, I once worked with a client who was deeply confused and agitated.

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Now imagine that a friendly face appears at your door. Either way, this simple approach helps your client have confidence in your choices and relieves her of the burden of making decisions. Drive to the practice to experience traffic and parking availability during peak treatment hours. He would also moan or scream loudly. An example from my own experience is when my therapist added a heated neck pillow to my sessions.

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All therapists and business owners are encouraged to pay particular attention to the feedback given for things that occur outside of the treatment room. It is not a good idea to try to reposition a client once she is finally situated comfortably. When starting, support her foot in one hand while stroking with the other to make sure that the work is soothing and not overstimulating. When you are truly interested, your client will feel it and keep coming back. It appeared he simply wanted to be in a place where he could have more human contact and could observe the comings and goings of people on his unit.

Rules of Ethics

When you have finished working a particular area, in this case the feet, put the socks and shoes back on immediately. Are the greetings exchanged professional and friendly? Once you have decided how you are going to start, move slowly and gently. But if a client is seated in a wheelchair, for instance, dating senior year of high then it is best to work with her there rather than try to move her to the bed.

You have tried everything you can think of to do, and your client still seems uncomfortable or unhappy. The customer may also follow the coffee chain on social media where they are informed of new seasonal beverages and retail items in the store. Create a referral program for clients Promote gift certificate sales.

Knowing this from the beginning can help you to allow adequate time and not get discouraged. If she is already lying on her side, then it is quite easy to sit by her bed and massage her back, especially if her bed can be raised or lowered to meet the level of where you are sitting. She can be reached at Cmbologna aol.

  • Practitioners who choose this population of clients to work with may eventually make massage and bodywork as routine a part of ongoing care as giving a shower or feeding a meal.
  • This can be equally true for men and women.
  • It is necessary to also pay attention to her breathing to see whether or not the pace of it is rapid or slow and the strength of it is shallow or deep.
  • Your clients will of course benefit physically, too.
  • Something about how your client was presenting herself communicated what she needed, and you understood and acted on it.

For me, it made a noticeable difference and each session became more enjoyable. Join the local Chamber of Commerce. Tell her what you are doing. And you need to remember to allow enough time in your session at the beginning and end for helping her out of and then back into her clothes.

Make adding new clients a game. Some of the most rewarding work for massage therapists and bodyworkers is interacting with people afflicted with dementia. Read through the follow-up correspondence.

It is the unique combination of focus on both the emotional and physical aspects of this work that makes it so valuable for your clients. You knew where to go and what to do, but what was missing perhaps was how you knew what to do. One of the best ways to examine what clients are experiencing is to solicit a review. After you have spoken briefly with your client, notice where she is in the room. Schedule an appointment through the company website.

Code of Ethics

What Are Boundaries

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Your main task is to build and maintain an active massage client base that will keep your appointment book full. It is a very good skill to cultivate, especially when working with people with dementia. Somatic assessments are basically decisions you make about what will benefit your client at that moment in time, based on your observations of her in totality, including her mood. Almost immediately, he stopped yelling.

And people with dementia will be the beneficiaries for years to come. Taking time to plan your initial marketing campaign is well worth the effort. Each segment of the journey carries equal weight of importance. They may receive coupons and membership opportunities in the mail. This person seems to know you.

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