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It was once the second-largest software company in the United States. Unsourced marriott international job application pdf may be challenged and removed.

CA-Sort was originally developed by a Swiss ISV named Computer Associates, founded by Sam Goodner and Max Sevcik several years earlier. North America hadn’t kept pace. Trans-American Computer Associates and went to market with CA-Sort, along with their original products. Charles Wang, led to rapid growth in the large and lucrative North American market. CA’s products became the consistent theme that brought competitive advantage and laid the foundation for the Unicenter concept years later. In recognition of his success in 1983, Charles Wang was given a “Software CEO of the Year” award.

In May 1985, CA-Unicenter was introduced as an integrated collection of many of its recently acquired, mainframe systems products. CA was eventually able to acquire its archrival, UCCEL Corporation, in 1987. ACF2 and Top Secret from CA share the other 25 percent. CA employees motivated by revenge.