Maintenance and reliability best practices pdf

This article has multiple issues. Any maintenance and reliability best practices pdf which can redress this lack of foresight is worth considering.

The size of a project or program has a significant effect on error rates, programmer productivity, and the amount of management needed. As listed below, there are many attributes associated with good software. Weinberg provides an example of how different goals can have a dramatic effect on both effort required and efficiency. Furthermore, he notes that programmers will generally aim to achieve any explicit goals which may be set, probably at the expense of any other quality attributes. How adaptable is the program to cope with changing requirements?

Is the program efficient enough for the environment in which it is used? If the various prerequisites are not satisfied then the software is likely to be unsatisfactory, even if it is completed. Heath: “What happens before one gets to the coding stage is often of crucial importance to the success of the project. For small simple projects involving only one person, it may be feasible to combine architecture with design and adopt a very simple life cycle. A software development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the life cycle of a software product. The other methodologies mentioned above all attempt to reduce the impact of such requirement changes, often by some form of step-wise, incremental, or iterative approach. Different methodologies may be appropriate for different development environments.

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