Linear statistical inference and its applications pdf

We developed an automated segmentation method for MS lesions in brain MRIs. We use logistic regression models with multiple MRI modalities. We trained and validated our method on MRI linear statistical inference and its applications pdf from two imaging sites. MS lesions in MRI studies.

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We use logistic regression models incorporating multiple MRI modalities to estimate voxel-level probabilities of lesion presence. An experienced MS neuroradiologist compared these segmentations to those produced by LesionTOADS, an image segmentation software that provides segmentation of both lesions and normal brain structures. To further validate the method, we applied OASIS to 169 MRI studies acquired at a separate center. The neuroradiologist again compared the OASIS segmentations to those from LesionTOADS. For a randomly selected subset of 50 of these studies, one additional radiologist and one neurologist also scored the images. OASIS obtains the estimated probability for each voxel to be part of a lesion by weighting each imaging modality with coefficient weights.

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These coefficients are explicit, obtained using standard model fitting techniques, and can be reused in other imaging studies. This fully automated method allows sensitive and specific detection of lesion presence and may be rapidly applied to large collections of images. Winner of the 2014 Eric Ziegel award from Technometrics. Tibshirani is the “how to” manual for statistical learning. Professor, Department of Statistics and Department of Machine Learning, CMU.