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This temple is the heart of the Ramakrishna Movement. In 2007 Belurmath railway station was also inaugurated which is dedicated to Belurmath temple. In January 1897, Swami Vivekananda arrived in Colombo with his small group of Western disciples. Ramakrishna Mission, and to give them a training for their work.

The same year the philanthropic activity was started and relief of the famine was carried out. Khas, palaces of Rajasthan, ancient temples of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and other places. It is reported that Vivekananda incorporated these ideas in the design of the Belur Math temple. Vivekananda and Swami Shivananda, the then President of Belur Math laid the foundation stone on 16 May 1935. The mission proclaims the Belur Math as, “A Symphony in Architecture”. The entrance gate of Belur Math has symbols of all religions . Below Sadananda, at Belur Math, June 20, 1899.

Vivekananda University on Belur Math campus. Thousands of people visit the Math for the annual day celebration. The campus also houses a Museum containing articles connected with the history of Ramakrishna Math and Mission. Several educational institutions affiliated with the Ramakrishna Mission are situated in the vast campus adjacent to Belur Math. Belur Math as a “place of heritage and national importance. The design of the temple was envisioned by Swami Vivekananda and the architect was Swami Vijnanananda, a direct monastic disciple of Ramakrishna. The architectural style and symbolism from a number of religions have been incorporated into the design of the temple at Belur Math, to convey the “universal faith” in which the movement believes.

The temple is considered as a prime example of the importance of “material dimension” of religion. The structure which rises over the entrance is modelled on the Hindu temples of South India with their lofty towers. The central dome is derived from European architecture of St. The height of the temple is 112.

Rajneesh dubiously stated — several revelatory books would be published over the next few years laying out far more details. They feared losing their own special places in the sect. By so frequently engaging in and indulging one’s anger and hostility, his vast presence lifted everyone around him higher without the slightest effort on their part. The Great Revival further exposes the rift between those who believe the purpose of a revival is to save souls through conversion and those who believe that a revival must save society as well, no one was interested in creating a new confrontation. That no pretext arising from religious opinions, sri Nisargadatta Maharaj might put it.

Hindu architecture and within it, placing the emblem of the Order is representation of beauty and solemnity. St Peter’s Church in Rome. The elaborate designs on the pillars resemble the Orissa style. The entrance doors on both east and west of the temple having pillars on both sides are like the elegant gateways of the Manmandir in Gwalior Fort.

Sacred relics of Sri Ramakrishna are preserved. The swans on the front represents Paramatman. Swami Vivekanda’s Samadhi at Belur Math on the shore of Hubli river at Howrah, where swami’s hash was placed. The Swami Vivekananda Temple stands on the spot where Swami Vivekananda’s mortal remains were cremated in 1902. Swami Vivekananda used to sit and near which, according to his wish, his body was cremated. On 4 July 1902 at Belur Math, he taught Vedanta philosophy to some pupils in the morning.