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Further documentation letters to my younger self pdf available here. Find Your Word for 2018!

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New year’s resolutions have never worked for me — in fact, I don’t know if they’ve ever really worked for anyone. They always sound like a list of rules that I know I will break by the end of January. They feel like a superficial fix to me. They feel bossy and rigid — I want to be inspired not instructed. Which is why I believe choosing a word as a guiding light for the new year works better because it feels so much more EXPANSIVE. A word can be embraced as a mantra, a meditation, a reminder, a promise. A word can be interpreted in different ways.

In the nine years I’ve been choosing a word for the year, my life has certainly changed for the better. Some of my previous words proved to be wildly empowering — BRAVE, EXPAND and OPEN were all dynamically useful words that helped me create change in my life. Other words have been less helpful: COMPASSION, for example, was a bit of a cop-out in 2011. NOURISH supported me through surgery in 2015 and the long recovery afterwards. In 2016 LOVE was the only possible word for a year that contained a life-changing family emergency. This year I’ve danced with SEEN and have let more sides of myself be seen than I ever have before.

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