Left hand writing skills pdf

Most people can use either hand for many things. People who left hand writing skills pdf not have a preference are called ambidextrous, and people who cannot use either are called ambisinistrous. Far more people are right handed than left handed.

Because left-handed people are different from most others, being left-handed has often been thought of as bad. For many years, right-handedness was seen as “normal” and left-handedness as “not normal”. Things that are designed by right-handed people can cause problems for left-handed ones. Many objects are sold in left-handed versions, which are often more expensive than the right-handed versions. Some items such as a computer mouse can be designed for right handed people but still be used by left handed people and in some cases may even be an improvement for right handed users.

Scissors, especially, cause left-handed people some trouble. Most scissors are made for right-handed people. Because they are designed this way, if a person tries to cut something while holding the scissors in their left hand, they cannot see the edge they are cutting. The way the cutting action works is also designed for right-handers, and left-handed people tend to force the blades open instead of cutting cleanly. Even though some scissors say that they can be used by both left and right-handed people, these scissors only have their handles changed. They are still right-handed scissors and still cause the same issues.

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