Korg Samples

Get all the Korg Triton sounds for use in Reason. It achieves all this without sacrificing any of the expected hands-on interaction, which is pretty remarkable.

Korg MonoPoly Samples

How else would you render speech into satanic gibberish or turn hits into rises? Depending on the sample selected, this can produce drones, delay-like cascades or, with very short sample lengths, near-granular pitched howls.

In a busy or chaotic mix, this simple functionality can be a lifesaver. The password field is case sensitive. In particular, the dreary combination of black text on grey background will test even the keenest eyesight in low light.

Basic pitch modulation is provided too, courtesy of a two-stage envelope and corresponding bipolar amount. Loading samples requires iTunes File Sharing.

If you hesitated over earlier Volcas, doubting their longevity due to size or feature set, the Volca Sample is still undeniably tiny. It spanks the Volca Beats in almost all drum box departments and bulges with more sonic gonadry than any other Volca.

Friendly, effective sound-shaping courtesy of the Analogue Isolator. The sequences that you create can then undergo additional evolution on stage or in your laptop. Last but definitely not least, any sample can be looped. Many new functions added via system update. An alternate mode, Step Record, differs from the others in that it first requires the Volca to be stopped.

Download over bonus patterns. Continuing with the theme of informative visuals, a four-character display shows the precise value of every edit and provides an ongoing reminder of the current mode.

Up to samples can be imported, provided you have access to an iPhone or iPad. Se ha mandado inspeccionar antes de ponerse en venta. The Volca Sample is new, fully digital and proud, yet it slots seamlessly into a family that is as comprehensive as it is modestly proportioned. We worked hard to process these outstanding sounds for you.

Get all the Korg Triton sounds for use in any software that supports wav format. Korg Triton Drum Sounds Collection. Of all the features Korg have included, the reverb is probably the least expected. Approaching the limits, raymond murphy essential english grammar samples become gnarly and barely recognisable. Hundreds of samples were collected in the process.

They are provided as reference materials for your beat-making or as foundations to give you new inspiration. With diverse source material and creative knob twiddling, countless sounds lie at your fingertips. Many of the regular buttons become inactive, freeing the Volca Sample to play a sequence of patterns while you get on with something else.

With looping active, the sample length and envelope controls set the repeat time and number of decays. To delete samples and free up space you must power up the Volca in an alternate mode or, for a clean slate, the app will happily wipe the lot in a single operation.

Korg Triton Samples

Modulation and effects can be controlled easily just by turning knobs on the top panel. Before I wrap up, I must mention swing. Korg Triton for SoundFont.


Presumably the hope is that eager users will get stuck in and produce alternate front ends for everyone. Download the system updater here. Support for Your Purchase Buy Now. Swing, along with its adjacent controls, is global and therefore not stored in a pattern.

Korg Volca Sample

Parts are not velocity sensitive. Other methods are available depending on mode, and in Live Play mode a part is selected and triggered merely by hitting its key.


The fastest and most intuitive way to make beats. Every Sound has been mulit-sampled and mapped in. These different patterns are packed with sample sounds, drum kits, and ideas for a wide range of musical styles. News Location Social Media.

In performance, parts can be muted or soloed, although soloing has the rather unfortunate side-effect of unmuting other parts on exit. Audiopocket features basic sample recording and editing, but management of the available slots is a strictly manual affair. These sounds were sampled from the top of the line keyboards used by all the Pro's in the music industry. The electribe sampler is a sample-based production machine that lets you construct beats at maximum speed. New electribe sampler, new workflow.

The lineup has also become more colorful with the new metallic red model. Affordable and portable, carry your favourite samples anywhere. Latin Samples para Korg Triton Series. Unsupervised playback from various source devices.

Two knobs, Bass and Treble, stand proud of the rest. While this artificial smoothing is effective when applied to recorded parameter tweaks, it adds an unnatural if not totally unpleasant slide to notes.

Updates make the electribe sampler evolve daily. The app does, at least, handle a wide range of audio formats. Sample transfer is a one-by-one process, in which you need to keep manual track of the destination slots. Making your beat-making ideas rapidly take shape. It was an eerie reminder of time spent waiting for games to load on the Sinclair Spectrum, not least because of the occasional failure and need to start over.


The electribe sampler continues to evolve