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Changes must be reviewed before being displayed on this page. After a successful Christmas Eve show, Mickey wishes the guests a safe trip home. The guests are worried, but Mickey ken ludwig three musketeers pdf to hold a free-of-charge Christmas party for them until the storm lets up. Unfortunately, Donald isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit.

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So Mickey and Minnie play different Christmas cartoons to get him in the spirit. The Science of Santa”, Mickey decorating his house in blinding lights that can be seen outside of town, and interviews about what everyone wants for Christmas or feels grateful for. After all this, everyone, including villains like Jafar, are happy that everyone is enjoying Christmas. However, the crowd’s mood quickly sours when Donald yells “hum bug!

Mickey asks if he’s feeling the Christmas spirit. Jiminy advises him to wish upon a star. Mickey does so and the star falls into his hands. Mickey returns to Donald, who he offers the honor of putting the star on the tree.

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Donald does so, instantly becoming jolly. The star magically begins redecorating the club, turning the reefs golden and giving the Magic Mirror a Santa hat, while turning Jafar’s staff into a candy cane. Various languages saying Merry Christmas appear on the television as Mickey announces one last cartoon before a carol. Hades, Hook and Jafar not singing, prompting them to do so once they notice. Mickey wishes everyone a Merry Christmas as Tinker Bell ends the film. Clarabelle’s Christmas List”, “Pete’s Christmas Caper”, “House of Turkey” and “Mickey vs. Mickey’s Christmas Chaos” are played at one point.

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