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Here you can email Margareth Lee, author and owner of this site. Law of Attraction for kids. Harry Potter isn’t the only magician, YOU are too. Margareth tells you about her Transformator system for kids. Joel Goldsmith’s infinite way of prayer and wisdom.

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James, Emmet Fox and Nick Arandes. We are calling women in India, China, Africa, South America and other socalled “third world” countries to send us an essay or manuscript in English which will be published for free on absolute1. Children’s stories are also welcome. In this way we want to help female authors to present themselves. We are specifically interested in work that promotes a philosophy of selfworth, loving yourself and belief in yourself and your possibilities.

A version on diskette is also welcome. We do not accept emailed work. This may be your first step to making a difference! To see the rest of the page, you can scroll down with the mouse. Not every word in these books is suited for everyone. You are creating all the time. I believe you will find these books a great source of inspiration and joy to read.