Introduction to mechatronic design carryer pdf download

Mechatronics may be interpreted as the best practice for synthesis of engineering systems, and it covers a broad area and scope. Vehicle lateral control for automated highway systems, hard disk drives and media handling mechanisms for printing engines are reviewed introduction to mechatronic design carryer pdf download examples of mechatronics research. Engineering students should be exposed to mechatronics and to the culture of working in teams. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

This paper tackles the impact that Mechatronics and Smart Structures disciplines have on the engineering education in the new millennium. Mechatronics is an emerging engineering area that will likely alter the fundamental nature of engineering education in the disciplines of electrical and mechanical engineering. It can provide an academic model for developing multi-disciplinary programs within the engineering college departmental structure that is historically based on the traditional engineering disciplines. Mechatronics integrates the classical fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, and information technology to establish basic principles for a contemporary engineering design methodology. A mechatronics concentration area in the engineering curriculum would support the synergistic integration of precision mechanical engineering, electronics control, and systems thinking into the design of intelligent products and processes. Adaptronics, is an emerging engineering field with multiple defining paradigms. Multi-functional elements form a complete regulator circuit resulting in a novel structure displaying reduced complexity, low weight, high functional density, as well as economic efficiency.