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We manufacture joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers. These includes Gable vents, continuous and individual, Undereave vents, Wall vents and stainless steel vents. Architects are concerned about the longevity of the products they specify. While galvanized trims are initially less expensive, they do not perform as well as aluminum in the long run. While we design all our reveal trim with drain dams for vertical runs and shingle fashion for horizontal reveal trim profiles, its primary design is for aesthetics.

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This is achieved through the gap created by 1. 5 mm spacers bonded to a high performance housewrap. Lightweight, easy to install, primed – ready to paint or prefinished to match the siding color. ICC-listed and Florida Building Code-approved. We also make G-185 triple zinc connectors for use with the new ACQ treated wood products. NEED HELP TO GET STARTED? Getting started is a not lengthy process.

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