Inserting a signature into a pdf

Your web browser may be malfunctioning. Your internet connection may be unreliable. With Inserting a signature into a pdf, you can edit, annotate, sign, and share PDFs on desktop, mobile, and web.

Xodo makes working with PDFs quick and easy, so you can get things done. Use Xodo on any device FREE! Gone are the days of printing and faxing. Sign contracts, expense reports, cover letters, or any other document on your smartphone or tablet, using just your finger or stylus. Sign it then and there. Instead of fumbling for a pen or wasting printer ink, use just your finger to sign any document.

Save your signature to sign future documents instantly with just a tap of your finger or a click of the mouse. Then save and share with whoever needs it. What used to take back and forth emails can now be done in seconds. FILL FORMS WITH A TOUCH OF YOUR FINGER! Xodo takes the stress out of filling forms. Simply complete forms on the go from your smartphone or tablet by typing onscreen for fill-in fields and tapping to select checkboxes and other options. Fill in forms from your smartphone or tablet, then save and share with whoever needs to see it.

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Once you’re done, you can quickly save and share your form with whoever needs to see it, then move on. It’s simple, fast, and convenient. Sometimes you need more than words to express your ideas. Like working on paper but better. With Xodo’s Annotations view, you can quickly access a summary list of all the annotations in a document. Tapping on one brings you to the annotation itself, so you can see the context and go from there. Why keep your work to yourself?

With Xodo, you can transform any PDF into a virtual meeting room. With Xodo, you can collaborate in real time with anyone, anywhere, hassle-free. Working together has never been easier. Stay on top of things. Just save to sync your changes to the cloud. Before I started using Xodo, my clients and I emailed PDFs back and forth.