Impact of railroads middle school pdf

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families, the responding public safety officials and our nation as a whole in the aftermath of the tragic terrorist attacks on Americans on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, and subsequent terrorism threats. It important to remember that no single strategy, or even a collection of multiple strategies fits, all school and school-community situations, and that district and building specific guidelines for managing emergency situations must be individually impact of railroads middle school pdf, trained, tested and exercised.

These were attacks on the U. It is also a mindset contrary to the overall goals of our U. Homeland Security policy which encourages “thinking outside of the box” and being proactive to prevent a future terrorism attack, rather than looking for ways to rationalize that, “It can’t happen here,” until such an attack occurs again. United States, and in turn our need to be appropriately prepared. EMS, and other community first responders are enroute.

Beslan, Russia, school terror attack. Encourage school personnel to maintain a “heightened awareness” for suspicious activity and to report same. Provide special attention to perimeter security and access control issues. Have clearly defined perimeters for schools through the use of fences, gates, environmental design, signage, and other professional security measures.

Use designated parking areas especially for visitors and register staff and student vehicles. Provide supervision and monitoring of parking lots and outside areas as appropriate. Train custodial, maintenance, and grounds personnel on identifying and handling suspicious packages and items found on campus. Establish routine inspections of the building and grounds by trained facility personnel. Secure roof hatches and eliminate structural items that facilitate easy access to school roofs.